April Ipsy Bag

April Ipsy Bag

Face of the Day 7/13/2014

I have decided to make a better effort in maintaining my blog now that I have my You Tube Channel going smoothly now, and will make a better effort to promote it on my videos as well as on my other social media outlets.  I am also now in school to finally finish with my Bachelors, which will be in Computer Information Systems.  This will help me to learn how to work on my blog on my own and not have to rely on my significant other to help and take up his time.  Here is my FOTD (Face of the Day).  Sorry, it was taken on my cell phone so not as good of quality. :(


The new Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows

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So I went into CVS today after my tattoo appointment,  just on a whim to check and see if we got the new Milani shadows yet.  I am in Florida and we are usually the last to get any new limited edition items or we don’t get any of them at all.  I went to the Milani section and was sad but not surprised that I didn’t see them.  I started walking out and saw an isle that had the limited/new items for all makeup, with their little displays.  I figured I would give it one last attempt and decided to walk on down, low and behold I found the display!  Now they did not have all of the colors in the collection and they only had 7 of the 10 I had wanted but I was just excited I found them period.  SO, here is some swatches and bootiful pics.  I will play with them some more this week to see how they hold up all day.  These swatches are without any primer!

milani swatches  MilaniCollage


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